ABOUT Blazer

A blazer is a type of jacket resembling a suit jacket, but cut more casually.

A blazer is generally distinguished from a sport coat as a more formal garment and tailored from solid color fabrics.

Blazers often have naval-style metal buttons to reflect their origins as jackets worn by boating club members.

Armonia blazer and single jacket can be combined with another Armonia Chino pants or another pants which is suited design.

As the British businessman Peter Johnson said once: “There are so many ways you can approach wearing a blazer.
The styling options are endless”.

You can become a top men’s luxury brand without the hefty price tag.

Blazers (and, regular suits too) are designed in a contemporary slim (usually) cut from subtle sheen mohair, wool and other fabrics selection.

We take inspiration from classic fabrics, trims, and techniques while presenting blazers and single jackets in newer shapes and updated materials.